About Us

Simchat Yechiel is a non-profit organization in memory of Dr. Yechiel Simcha Naiman ò"ä. Since 1998, Simchat Yechiel has played a valuable role in Ramat Beit Shemesh, sponsoring a large variety of community events for both adults and children.

Our “Simcha G’mach” is opened daily, and has enabled private and public groups to host shiurim, school events, and of course, smachot! Tables, chairs, audio/video systems, a stage,hot plates and Mechitzot are all available. Moving? We have locks and over 40 Mezzuzot!

Not only has the Kol B’Rama boys’ choir brought smiles to the faces in our area, but to old age homes and other public events outside the Beit Shemesh area. With à-ç-ã-å-ú the boys,coming from more than 10 schools, have sung their way into our hearts. The Kol B’Rama choir is also featured on the popular “Hashomros” story tapes for children.

It has been an honor for Simchat Yechiel to host dozens of international and local Torah personalities. These Shiurim, as well as the community wide Asseret Yemei T’shuva shiur and Tisha B’Av family programs all provide continued inspiration.

As our community continues to grow, so do our children. They too gain inspiration from community events, projects and special shiurim tailor made for them. Our bicycle safety programs for example, have impacted – and saved, the lives of many. The “Kasda Barosh V’Kartis Bakis” bicycle helmet project provided positive reinforcement for children wearing helmets by rewarding them with “stamps” on a special card, which when full, was redeemable at area Makolot for free ice cream. For those spotted with no helmet, a new helmet was offered at half-price. Together with a local store, there was a ten fold increase of helmet sales for children in just two years!

Our newest project, “Siach B’Rama”, the Simchat Yechiel Community Calendar, has now been launched with the encouragement and support of local Rabbanim. The calendar features a weekly listing of Minyanim, Daf Yomi and special events for the RBS-Aleph community covering over 35 shuls.

Together with the community, Simchat Yechiel continues to expand its services to cater to the ongoing and changing needs of the RBS neighborhoods. For more information regarding the community calendar, and other Simchat Yechiel events, please write to us at info@SimchatYechiel.org or call Ephrayim and Miriam Naiman at +972-2-999-6789.


Miriam & Ephrayim Naiman