Dear All,

Below are some fun things we've done over the years at our Purim Seudas:

Connect the Categories (English+Hebrew)

Jeopardy (English)

Charades (Hebrew)

Pictionary (English)

Trivia (English)

Math Riddles (English) - w/help from the Spigelman's

Math Riddles (Hebrew)

Pictionary is a lot of fun - and if you can do it on an easel or the wall -
it's even more fun! Let the person drawing choose which word to use; use
the second set of words for a second round.

"Connect the Categories" can be played 2 ways:
The first way is to find the connection for each of the Purim related words on the left with at least 1 of the non-Purim-related words across the top.
The more difficult way to play is to find a "Common Denominator" between the columns and the rows.
Both are challenging and really make you think!


Miriam & Ephrayim Naiman